Hume Highway and North East

Big Swedish Store Run can shop and deliver to all areas in North East Victoria, including Seymour, Benalla, Wangaratta, Wodonga, Albury and just about everywhere in between!

Payment and confirmation is due prior to the fortnightly delivery. All customers will be notified of delivery times when their shopping list or quote enquiries are submitted.

Accepted payment methods are direct deposit and Paypal.

We will provide 24 hours notice to arrange delivery.

To order, Email your shopping list to for a free no obligation quote.

Check our “How To Order” page and follow the same instructions, using Springvale as your preferred store. If Stock is not available at Springvale, you can try Richmond as a back up. We will ensure your goods are delivered to you from either store.

If products are not in stock, we will provide you with an immediate refund or shop for an alternative product. The sooner you order and pay for your items, the sooner we have more time to shop for them, to avoid your items being out of stock the week of delivery.

For further information:

Sarah 0401 880 170 or Luke 0410 407 247