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Busy Busy!!

Firstly we must apologize at our lack of blogging and newsletters lately, but we have increased our business so much we have been madly juggling between work, deliveries and looking after the kids- simply haven’t had a second to sit and say hello! We are just so excited about Big Swedish Store Run, and like all successful businesses, we have to find the best way to manage the growth- our current answer is an Au pair! Marie is on her way from France to come a live in our bungalow and help with the kids every day- that way Mort has extra time and can manage the influx of Christmas orders.

We must shout out a BIG THANKYOU to those of you who have received your orders very late in the evening, or even the following day after pick up- it is so nice to have happy customers even when we haven’t quite delivered to our usual standard- THANK YOU!!!!

New designs & Stock levels

A number of our customers have been ordering from the new catalog, only for us to find things have already sold out! I think IKEA have been a little too conservative in backing delivery of some very popular products, but they assure us everything will be restocked in time, and have been very helpful with helping us secure customer requests when products are replenished. Thanks also to those customers who are waiting patiently for their orders!

IKEA Party

With a big party coming up at our place, I have found a number of great solutions at IKEA to create the perfect atmosphere.

For some mood lighting as the sun goes down I am trying these fantastic solar lights:

I am also going to display a number of beautiful flowers in a range of IKEA vases. Over the years I have built a bit of a collection of them from the Big Swedish Store, but am going to pick up some of these beautiful BLOMSTER vases.

These little lanterns will look great in the afternoon, and I imagine even more beautiful once the tealights are lit as the sun goes down- At $3.99 I think I will get quite a few in a range of colours

Don’t forget, we run every week, and require orders and payments to be finalized by Tuesday, for Thursday pm delivery. See you soon!!

Nerida and Morten


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