IKEA Furniture with a new face

IKEA is a fantastic value for money solution if you want practical and stylish alternatives for your home. It does however, get a bad rap from some- it is just such good value we all end up having the same furniture and it becomes somewhat generic.

A solution around the world is known as “Ikea Hacking”. Ikea hacking is when you take a common item from IKEA, and give it an individual spin, with many people from around the world making a business of turning plain IKEA into exciting pieces of furniture.

It can be a simple as covering unit doors with wallpaper, as featured here with the houndstooth pattern turning the white Trollsta sideboard ($399) into a fashion statement. The Klippan Sofa, an old IKEA favorite because of its amazing price tag ($249!) has also been given a makeover by the company “BEMZ” who provide a world of fabric  choices and send you custom made covers to fit a range of IKEA sofas. Even though the covers can be expensive (the one featured is quoted on the BEMZ website at $299) it still is a lot less than paying for designer furniture, with the whole thing costing less than $600.

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