Gorgeous New Boho at IKEA

The Lappljug Series at IKEA offers a bohemian influence for those seeking to mix contemporary prints and colors in an eclectic Mix. The gorgeous Rotvik pendant lamp gives a real ethnic vibe, and I just love the use of the modern prints in the cusion range.

I have been trying each week to purchase the Tradklover Rug I had my eyes on, but it sold out very quickly and has been unavailable- but just as well, because I have fallen in the love with the Lappljug Rug I have shown here.

Please note, we are off to SPRINGVALE IKEA  this week, and will be reverting back to THURSDAY DELIVERY. So sorry to confuse our customers, but we have been so busy, and almost unable to handle our regular load- doing the run on Fridays doesn’t leave us with room to move, and if this year is anything like last year, it gets busier and busier from here on in.

Make sure your orders are in and paid by TUESDAY NIGHT!

Best regards from Morten

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