A Gorgeous Reading Nook

This Gorgeous Reading use is a fantastic use of what looks to be a very small space. I found a photographers website www.hiyapapaya.com which had some fantastic pictures of some very cool rooms, many of them featuring IKEA products. This set up is utilizing Lack storage shelves as both the day bed and upright shelving. Expedit Single row shelves could be used just as well. The color pallet is also gorgeous, very fresh and bright for a kids corner. Using book displays to add to the pop of color is also a great way to create the mood.


New Delivery Day – 1 more day to order!

We are now doing our IKEA run on Fridays- this means you have an extra day to order, with our payment cut off extending from Tuesday night to Wednesday for direct deposit, and Thursday for over-the counter Westpac payments. When we are very busy, the last few orders may be delivered Saturday morning- still in time to get your allan keys out for the weekend!

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